Verwundete Wildschuetz


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  • Frame (29.80 EUR): No

Verwundete Wildschuetz

poacher picture/media/images/descriptions/55e0cb4268e61-468_VerwundeteWildschuetz.jpg

you are bidding on a unique reprint on a 200g hand made paper

It really looks like the original

the size of the hand made reprint paper is 42 x 30 cm.

the second picture shows the picture framed.


if you would like to have the picture framed, i also offer it separate in a really precious gold plated frame.


the frame has a suspension arrangement, the width of the frame is 2 cm

the price of the frame will be (incl. frame under glas) 29,80 EUR.

this picture is framed a real eye catcher !

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